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Bud Light

Light Lager; 4.2% ABV; St. Louis, MO

$5.00       VIP: $4.00
Line Creek Maverick

Local Helles Lager; 4.5% ABV; Peachtree City, GA

$7.00       VIP: $5.50             
Michelob Ultra

Light Lager; 4.2% ABV; St. Louis, MO

$5.50       VIP: $4.50

Amber Lager; 4.4% ABV; Pottsville, PA

$5.50       VIP: $4.50
dos equis lager especial

Mexican Lager; 4.2% ABV; Monterrey, MX

$6.00     VIP: $4.00
Round trip straight outta munich

Helles Lager; 5.6% ABV; Atlanta, GA

$7.75       VIP: $4.00
goat island duck river

Munich Dunkel Lager; 5.5% ABV; Cullman, AL

$7.50       VIP: $4.50
Sam Adams Seasonal

Lager; 5.3% ABV; Boston, MA

$7.50       VIP: $4.50     
Line creek seasonal 

Seasonal; 4-7.5% ABV; Peachtree City, GA

$7.75       VIP: $4.50


Creature Comforts Tropicalia

Juicy IPA; 6.6% ABV; Athens, GA

$7.50       VIP: $6.00
Goose Island

English Style IPA; 5.9% ABV; Chicago, IL

$6.00       VIP: $4.00
Line Creek First Crush

New England IPA; 6.3% ABV; Peachtree City, GA

$7.75       VIP: $5.75
WiseAcre Bow echo

Hazy IPA;4 – 7.0% ABV; Memphis, TN

$7.75       VIP: $4.00       
Scofflaw POG

American Hazy IPA; 7.5% ABV; Atlanta, GA

$8.25       VIP: $5.25
Wild Leap Chance

“Easy Drinking” IPA; 6.2% ABV; Lagrange, GA

$7.00       VIP: $4.25
Wicked WEED

Pernicious IPA; 7.3% ABV; Asheville, NC

$8.50       VIP: $6.00


Creature Comforts BIBO

Pilsner, 4.9% ABV, Athens, GA

$6.75       VIP: $4.00
Fat Bottom Teddy Loves

German Pilsner; 4.4% ABV; Nashville, TN

$6.50       VIP: $3.75
stella artois

Pilsner, 5.0% ABV; Leuven, Belguim

$7.50      VIP: $4.00


Angry Orchard

Cider; 5.0% ABV; Walden, NY

$7.00       VIP: $3.00
McKenzie Blackcherry

Cider; 5.0% ABV; West Seneca, NY

$7.00.      VIP: $4.00
ace pear

Cider; 5.0% ABV; Sebastopal, CA

$7.50       VIP: $3.50

Ale’s and Sours

Kentucky Bourbon Barrell

American Strong Ale; 8.2% ABV; Lexington, KY

$9.00       VIP: $4.75
New Belgium Fat Tire

Amber Ale; 5.2% ABV; Fort Collins, CO

$7.00       VIP: $3.25
Kona Big Wave

Golden Ale; 4.4% ABV; Kailua Kona, HI

$7.50       VIP: $5.00
highland gaelic ale

American Amber/Red; 5.5% ABV; Ashville, NC

$7.50       VIP: $5.00
sullivans maltings red

Irish Red Ale; 5.0% ABV; Kilkenny, IE

$8.00       VIP: $5.50
Sweetwater 420

Pale Ale; 6.2% ABV; Atlanta, GA

$7.50       VIP: $3.50

Irish Red Ale; 5.0% ABV; Kilkenny, IE

$7.00       VIP: $4.75
Gate city copperhead

Amber Ale; 5.2% ABV; Roswell, GA

$7.25       VIP: $4.00
Firemaker Calamity Jane

Blonde Ale; 4.2% ABV; Atlanta, GA

$6.50       VIP: $4.50

Witbier / Whites

Shock top belgian white

Witbier/White; 5.2% ABV; St. Louis, MO

$6.50       VIP: $4.25

Porters / Stouts


Irish Dry Stout; 4.2% ABV; Dublin, IE

$8.00       VIP: $5.50 
Highland Oatmeal

Porter; 5.9% ABV; Asheville, NC

$8.00       VIP: $4.75 
Founders Brewing Porter

Porter; 6.5% ABV; Grand Rapids, MI

$7.75       VIP: $4.50
Wiseacre get up to get down

Stout; 5.0% ABV; Memphis, TN

$7.50       VIP: $5.25


Signature House Sangria

White – Perfect blend of Chardonnay, Peach Schnapps, Irish Whiskey, lemonade, and fresh cut fruit & juices Red – Delicious blend of Cabernet, Grand Mariner, OJ, and fresh cut fruit & juices

Wycliff Brut

Center Coast, California Crisp sparkling, ripe apple and pear layered with hints of honey and citrus with a clean finish

$6 / $18
Lunetta Prosecco

Veneto, Italy; Aromatic, dry sparkling with delicious peach and apple notes elevated with a spark of zest

Frisk prickly riesling 

Alpine Valleys, Victoria, Australia; Floral and weighted, with notes of freshly cut lime, rose petals and a hint of fennel. Its subtle complexity with a tinge of sweetness is a perfect companion for both sweet and spicy dishes…or simply on its own.

$8 / $24
The Crossing Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand; Invigorating lime and grapefruit preceded by kiwi and melon are enhanced by nuances of mineral and spice on the refreshingly long finish

$8 / $24
Villa Pozzi Pinot Grigio

Terre Siciliane, Italy – Clear to light in color, this Pinot Grigio exhibits soft aromatic flavors of perfumed rose and soft honeysuckle that are attractive and indicative of the refreshing and rounded fruit

$9 / $27
Backhouse Chardonnay

California – Energetic and crisp with aromas of exotic fruits, apple custard, and elegant well-integrated oak

$6 / $18
J. Lohr Chardonnay

Monterey, California – Enticing aromas of orange, nectarine, and hazelnut complemented by taste of apricot, peach, and honey rich in texture gives way for flavors of vanilla, citrus cream, and a hint of oak

$10 / $30
Meiomi Pinot Noir

Sonoma, California – Aromas of spice, dark red fruits and fresh berries with rich cherry flavor and complemented by notes of cedar, raspberry and strawberry

$11 / $33
Natura Merlot

Central Valley, Chile – Made with organic grapes and carries aromas of strawberries and raspberries, hints of black pepper, full and velvety flavors of plum and cocoa

$8 / $24
Copper & Thief Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend

Lodi, California- Dark and jammy, loaded with bourbon- inspired flavors and aromas

$11 / $33
Backhouse Cabernet Sauvignon

California -Deep red in color, medium bodied with flavors of black currant and cherries that delivers a rich and robust experience with smooth mouthfeel

$6 / $18
Carmel Road Cabernet Sauvignon

Displays rich, concentrated flavors of ripe blackberry, blueberry, and deep red plum with a silky finish with notes of baking spices and vanilla

$10 / $30

Handcrafted Cocktails

Smoked Irish Old Fashioned

Jameson, brown sugar, Angostura Bitters, orange and cherrywood smoke.


Bulleit bourbon, lemon juice, cinnamon, maple syrup, brown sugar syrup. Garnished with an expressed lemon peel

Bourbon Peachtree Smash

Bulleit Bourbon, peach puree, lemon juice, topped with Fever Tree Ginger Beer. Your new favorite mule.


Bombay Sapphire, Fruitful blackberry liqueur, lime juice, basil, ginger beer. Garnished with a lime wedge and a basil sprig

Salted Caramel apple martini

Crown Apple, caramel, and apple cider. Garnished with an apple slice

apple cider mojito

Bacardi, mint, lime juice, apple cider and soda. Garnished with an apple slice and mint sprig

Basil Watermelon Daquiri 

Bacardi, watermelon, lime juice, agave, and basil leaves. Garnished with a basil leaf

pumpkin spice white russian 

Tito’s vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, and house made pumpkin spiced cream

BlackBerry Margarita

Lazuna Gold tequila, blackberries, lime juice, Grand Marnier, shaken with a sugar, salt & lime zest rim.


Lunazul Gold tequila, Fruitful Mango liqueur, Fruitful smoked jalapeno liqueur, fresh jalapeno slices, lime juice. Garnished with a Tajin rim and lime wedge and jalapeno slice


Coffee & Tea Cocktails

Traditional Irish Coffee

Whiskey & Coffee

Maguire’s Coffee

Whiskey, Irish Cream & Coffee

Coffee & Cream

Irish Cream & Coffee



sparkling peach

Peach Real and Ginger Ale. Garnished with a lemon wedge


Caramel, lemon juice, apple cider, topped with soda. Garnished with an apple slice


Blackberry, pineapple juice and lemonade. Garnished with a lemon wheel



Classic Mojito
Watermelon Mojito
Pomegranate Mojito
Peach Mojito

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